Our services

Business seminars

Organization of business seminars, provision of conference halls, catering (coffee breaks, lunches), program preparation, etc.


Technical trainings

A rational approach to professional development and continuous learning. West Training Group helps to master effective and safe working methods with the help of number of programs.


Information technology

IT courses and trainings.


Industrial Safety

Industrial safety - precertification training of managers, specialists in general and special industrial safety rules, training of maintenance personnel, training and professional development of workers operating all types of hazardous production facilities.


Safety and labor protection

Occupational health and safety - training of managers and specialists in general and sectoral requirements of industrial safety and labor protection; regarding organization and conducting of working conditions special assessment on working conditions; occupational training and qualification improvement of labor protection specialists; occupational training and qualification improvement for working professions


Basis of Fire Safety

Fire safety – training of managers responsible for fire safety performance as well as for workers performing welding activities and other hot works on Basis of Fire Safety.


Electrical Safety

Electrical safety - training, qualification improvement and professional development of managers, specialists and personnel in organization to fulfill safe execution of works and maintenance of electrical installations, training in first aid dressing skills in case of accidents at work.


First Aid Treatment

First aid treatment - training in the skills of first aid treatment in case of industrial accidents. Theory + practice on man-simulators.


Expertise and development of Declaration in the field of Industrial Safety

Execution of Expertise in the field of Industrial Safety
Development of Industrial Safety Declaration


Studying with us

Technical trainings
Oil and gas field
Transportation and storage of oil, oil products and gas
Petrochemical and chemical technology
Oil and gas industry equipment corrosion protection
Safety measures at the stage of design and operation of oil refinery equipment
Safety of process operations and production, labor protection and environment in oil and gas field.
Energy performance and energy savings
Fuel and Energy Company economics and management
Construction and architecture
Social and business communication
Management and Leadership Courses
Management skills
Management psychology
Development of effective management skills
Skills of verbal and written communication
Team building
Teamwork skills
Time management
Interviewing skills
Project management
Negotiating skills
Occupational safety and health courses
Industrial safety
Safety and labor protection
Basics of fire safety
Training of electrical personnel, dedicated training
Gas-, explosive and fire hazards
Load lifting mechanisms, cranes
First aid treatment of persons injured at work