About us

West Training Group - Corporate Training and Personnel Development Center, operating in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Nowadays Oil and Gas industry is experiencing unprecedented scientific and technical development however the most important asset still remains qualified personnel.

The most important priorities of our Company to minimize occupational injuries and occupational diseases, assistance in developing measures to improve the efficiency of safe use of industrial equipment, mechanisms and tools.

Company key focus areas are:

Industrial safety courses

  • Training, retraining and advanced training of specialists in the field of industrial safety
  • Execution of examinations in the field of industrial safety
  • Industrial Safety Declaration development

Safety and labour protection courses

  • Training, retraining and advanced training of specialists in the field of safety and labor protection

Fire safety courses

Technical trainings

  • Oil and gas field business
  • Transport and storage of oil, oil products and gas
  • Petrochemical and chemical technology
  • Protection against corrosion of oil and gas equipment
  • Safety provision at the stage of refinery equipment design and operation
  • Safety of technological processes and production, labor and environmental protection in oil and gas industry
  • Energy efficiency and energy saving
  • Economics and management in Fuel and Energy Complex
  • Construction and architecture
  • Social and business communication

Management and Leadership Courses

  • Management Skills
  • Leadership
  • Psychology of Management
  • Development of effective management skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Teambuilding
  • Team work skills
  • Time management
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Project management
  • Business Negotiation Skills

Information Technology Courses

Consulting and advisory services

Services for Oil Companies

How are classes conducted?

We are working on to provide real skills and modern knowledge to new generation of engineers that they can use at their work upon completion of the training.

We cooperate with

West Training Group cooperates with the leaders of professional and business training system:

  • Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
  • Ufa State Oil Technical University
  • “Engineering Academy of Oil and Gas Fields” Oil Team Company
  • Almaty Management University
  • “ИнноMix” LLP
  • “PITC” Training Center
  • “Ernst and Young Kazakhstan” LLP
  • “Continuous professional development Academy” LLP
  • “High Level” LLP
  • “Nurikon” Training Center
  • “Aitilect” LLP
  • “Governance & Management Consulting” LLP
  • “Deloitte ТСФ” LLP
  • “Almaty Management University” ALMU Management Development Center
  • “Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology” RSE
  • “Corporate University “Samruk-Kazyna” Private Foundation
  • “Prom systems group” LLP
  • “РПManagement” Limited Liability Company
  • “ Human Resources Development Academy” LLP
  • “Republic Training Center of Civil Protection” LLP
  • “Training School –Учкомбинат” LLP
  • “PriceWaterHouseCoopers” LLP
  • “Yerish Oil Group” LLP
  • “Almetvevsk State Oil Institute” State-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Education

What kind of training methods do we have?

  • E-learning

    Listeners get acquainted with materials of various types of training: text, slides, audio or video recordings, reference documents, presentations. Upon training completion listeners pass the exam in the form of online testing.


    This is a form of distance learning, an online event in Internet network, from one to several thousand people are able to participate in it

  • Full-time education

    Full-time education is traditional for many educational institutions. Its advantages are obvious: direct contact with teacher, the opportunity to ask questions of interest immediately, constant monitoring of material acquisition adequacy and much more.


    They are corporate holidays based on team games and adventures, psychological (game) trainings, teaching the team of joint acting to achieve a common goal.