Online learning - it is modern format of education. Students gain knowledge by means of individual interactive visit of educational institution by using Internet technologies. For employees – it is great approach to combine work and education, to upgrade qualification without discontinuing work and move up the career ladder. For enterprises – this is effective mean of personnel development, acquisition of competitive advantages in business.

West Training Group provides online courses and trainings on occupational health and safety, industrial safety and other disciplines. Specially designed programs for employees of Oil and Gas, Construction, Energy and other industries, they have been adapted for specific spheres of activity and created in accordance with legislation requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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Online consultation and technical support

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  • support@west-training.kz

  • 7/24: (24 hours)

E-learning system will allow you:

  • Avail

    Training and passing exams by means of internet (i.е. worldwide) at your convenient time

    Reduce training costs

    Due to E- learning system, there is no need to make long trips, to send employees on business trip

  • Online application

    Application for individual courses, eliminates inconvenience associated with the recruitment of a group

    Test reports

    System reports providing on customer demand

Online training in the form of slides

It is a platform for E- learning organization, where users can access online content.

E-learnng, video and test questions

This is a specialized system where you can watch video materials and perform check practice tests for exam prep

Online exam

Online testing system